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They are smarter than you.


They are definitely smarter than me.

What makes a Great Pyrenees a GOOD DOG?

A Great Pyrenees is a wonderful breed. Remarkable for so many reasons. One of the oldest dog breeds on the planet. Revered for their loyalty and their protective,yet gentle nature. The only dog to be proclaimed the “Royal Dog of France”. Beautiful, stubborn, loyal, smart, lazy, aggressive are just some of the words used to describe the breed. Wanderers-they aren’t afraid to explore their surroundings. Fierce barking dogs. They will alert you to a coyote in your county or a leaf falling off your tree. But what makes them a good dog for you? Some people want a hiking companion, couch potato. Just a dog to lay around the house/yard with them. Some people want that as well a dog to protect their livestock. other reasons to own a Great Pyrenees, most involve the protective nature of the dog. But there are many traits that you have to consider when you adopt a Great Pyrenees. They bark ALOT. Not always when you think they should. They shed ALOT, and it gets everywhere. They can be overly protective and aggressive.



So, I am putting together a guideline for Good Pyrenees behavior. It will include good manners, minimal barking, basic obedience commands(sit, stay, down and recall) as well as fence training and socialization. This isn’t a certification program, just a starting point that we can use to let people know where the dog that they are interested in adopting is currently. No guarantees that the dog will always obey the commands or adhere to the guidelines.

I’ve been working with Great Pyrenees for 20 years. I’ve rescued over 600 of them. Their personalities run the gamut, from couch potatoes to fearless livestock guardians. Some are sweet and gentle, trustworthy enough to be any animal, big or small. Some will fiercely guard their food, and attack anyone that gets near it.