Dear Friends of the Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC,

2020 will be our 16th year of rescuing, healing, loving and finding forever homes for these beautiful, regal dogs, and for any other animal that may need our assistance. Over those 16 years, we have grown substantially, and expanded and improved our kennel space and play area for the dogs. In 2019, we adopted out 75 animals. None of this could have been achieved without the on-going support of friends like you.

This year we have been presented an opportunity that will go a long way to further improve our rescue. If we raise $5,000, we will get a matching $5,000 from one of our biggest supporters. With this money, we would like to set up a medical fund for the animals that we rescue. We’re reaching out with the hope that you can help us with this cause.

All of the animals at the rescue are thoroughly vetted and treated before they are placed for adoption. Many need to be spayed/neutered or treated for heartworms. Last year alone, we had 80 animals spayed or neutered and 8 treated for heartworm. Sadly, many of our rescues come to us with serious injuries or illness. These animals are never turned away. Recently, Daisy Mae came to us with a badly broken leg that required surgery. We’re happy to say that Daisy Mae is doing well with her recovery. Elwyn came to us with severe ear infections and a torn ACL, which will require surgery. Simba had to be treated for a bone infection, heartworms and dental problems. In addition to these expenses, there are ongoing medications needed for our senior animals.

As you can imagine, the medical costs at the rescue are substantial. We typically fund the more serious cases by requesting donations individually. Creating a fund that can be drawn on as needed will help to ensure that money is available and that individual donation requests can be reduced.

Please consider helping us establish this fund. Donations may be made at

And thank you for your past support.


Advisory Committee

Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC


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If everyone who reads this would donate just $10, it would make the difference between being able to feed, house, and find homes for every Pyrenees referred or having to start turning away dogs to agencies such as local animal shelters.  Please help us give every Great Pyrenees who comes to us a chance to find a loving forever home, and be rescued from neglect or even euthanasia.
Please post and share with everyone you know!  The more people we reach through Facebook, the more dogs we can save!
We are always in need of volunteers, sponsors and foster parents. If you would like to help, fill out the Volunteer Application online.

If you would like to donate goods or services, contact me to discuss. We are currently looking for donations of any type of building supplies (to expand our kennel space), dog food, blankets, shampoo, dog medications, toys and TREATS. We can also use any type of cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags, towels, bleach and deodorizers.
Thank you all for helping to get the rescue up and running, and supporting our mission to rescue Great Pyrenees in need of homes.  Two years ago, we  established a new site on property purchased near Claremont, NC, obtained non-profit status from the IRS, and have spread news of the rescue through word of mouth and social media through supporters like you. In the past 3 years, we have rescued 200 Great Pyrenees, and found all of them good, loving homes.
We are now feeling the growing pains of our success.  We are reaching more people than ever before, and more needy dogs are being referred than ever before.  We are ready to accept the challenge and take the rescue to the next level, but in order to expand to meet the needs of the Great Pyrenees in the area, we desperately need funding.

Donation List



Purina one lamb and rice smart blend dog food
>>> Alpo or Purina can dog food
>>> puppy food
>>> cat food
>> kitten food

>>> dog treats
>> cat treats
>>> dog food bowls
>>> dog collars XL
> Choke collars 22 inch to 28 inch
> bark collars
> dog leashes

cat collars

flea collars
flea medication
Flea shampoo
flea spray
paper towels
old towels
old sheets
old blankets
dog toys
>>> stuffed animals
>>> dog beds
heart worm medication
cat kennels
dog kennels XXL
Canned vegetables
canned meats
Large Milk Bones
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