Sanctuary Dogs

The Great Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC also operates as a Sanctuary for Great Pyrenees that are in need of long term foster. We have several older Great Pyrenees that were no longer wanted by their owners, and we felt they were too old to be adopted out. I keep them here and provide food, shelter, and any and all medical attention that they might need. Right now, we have Buddy, Zeus and Sam in our Sanctuary program. They are all great dogs, but we are content to let them stay here as long as they want to.

The dogs out here at the rescue wrote a “poem” for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I am a Sanctuary Dog.

I came to this place because, well, nobody wanted me.

Not sure why. It could have been lots of reasons

Or just pick one,

I drool too much,

I bark all night.

I shed, A LOT.

I like to explore the neighborhood.

I may have growled at someone too much

I might have bitten somebody

They deserved it

I got bigger than they expected.

I got sick, vets are expensive.

I don’t know, it just didn’t work out.

I was a cute puppy, maybe too cute.but now

I am going through an awkward stage.

I like to chew things

I don’t like to catch things or play Frisbee.

I was loyal. I was protective.

I loved them, they said they loved me.

My owners moved and didn’t have room for me.

I don’t know, but I am glad there is a place for me.

He took us in, unconditionally.

I will be better. I will bark less?

I still drool, he doesn’t care.

I shed a lot, he brushes me.

I chew things, but he just laughs.

I dig holes in the yard, he fills them back up.

I run away, he tracks me down.

He bought me a collar, and put MY name on it.

He put his phone number on it.

He put a chip in me, in case I get lost.

We should be protecting him, but I think he is protecting us

I was having trouble climbing stairs, he built me a ramp.

He feeds me a lot, he doesn’t eat much

He spends a lot of time with us, doesn’t have any time for his friends

He made sure we don’t have any puppies, that stung a little

He said we can stay here as long as we like

We’ve heard that before, but I think he means it

So, we are the Sanctuary dogs,

think about us before you buy a puppy.