K-12 training

Welcome to Pyrenees Rescue of Western NC training program.

NONE. We start from scratch. We do expect people to fill out the tempermament test form
truthfully. We don’t take anything for granted.


Basic Manners…
No jumping up on people.
plays well with other dogs
good with cats
Down(20 seconds)

I think the biggest thing is just to know the dog that I am getting.
So it is nice if the dog has been tested in situations like going out in public,
interacting with children, how they get along with other animals (cats, dogs, etc).

Sam West
From a trainer perspective as well as someone who has
adopted several dogs.
1. Crate training
2. Human interaction
3. Basic home manners. Stairs!!
It’s good to know they aren’t afraid of stairs,
I had to carry my 70lbs German Shepherd up and
don’t thr stairs for days.
4. Leash manners.
When dealing with such a big dog,
having leash manners is ideal
so they are easily controlled.

Course Length

Advanced Training
Fence training
Extended Down/Stay
Obstacle course training
Barking ( or lack of)
Crate Training
Heel (off leash)
Calm during separation
Good with Strangers